As the time pass, the project is working well for all the teams even if Mr. T is sur that all the projects will not be deliver on time (he is still hoping for some of the projects). There is an inspection team checking every side of the proejct to see the advance in the work, and they gave some recommendations about the productivity. They want that the team enhance the productivity to deliver the final product on time. However, Mr. T explain that this strategy will make them lose a lot of time in the process. To my opinion, of course trying to improve your processes will you make lose time at the beginning, but it is really important for any project and organisation, you will gain time at the end. So, maybe the improvements have to depend of how long is your project? « The danger of standard process and not trying to do be improvement in the way you are working with your team is that you will miss changes to take important shortcuts » and that finally you will take a lot more hours to achieve your goals.

Image par Gerd Altmann de Pixabay

Mr. T, after this discussion tries to have more information about this question of having a better productivity. He has a discussion with Mr. Kenoros. Keneros explain him that the best way to win time and to improve the productivity it is to avoid having bugs in the programming of software. Since bugs can take 50% of the project time, it is important to avoid them. I did not really understand all the details on how it Is possible to avoid bugs on your software, they spoke about the bugs that are in the module etc. (I do not know anything about programming to be honest, so I will not try to explain more about this). Just that Mr. T finally thought that was a nice idea and he will try to learn more about it. Debugging time will be decrease to enhance productivity

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