Hey you, just chill, pressure never increase productivity rate

I’m still reading the book the Deadline and I will still keep you update on what happen in it. In Chapter 15, we assisted in a big debate about the productivity rate and how to do to increase it. Each person had a different point of view. Some of them were thinking that if you put a lot of pressure on people, they will gain in productivity, some of them will loose productivity… Even with overtime hours, some of the manager team were totally in favour of putting some hours (Belinda for example, was in favour to put more overtime hours at the end of the project but reasonably) some of them were in favour to put many overtime hours to finish the work on time (60/70 hours per week of work, that hurts). However, at the end everyone discovered that putting pressure, having more overtime hours do not increase the productivity and do not decrease it neither, it does not change anything.


Best regards,

The Oracle

This quote is a good illustration of putting pressure in a company. Adding overtime hours, putting people under a huge pressure will not help you to achieve your project faster. Your employees will be unhappy to go work; they will be stress… Moreover, you can try with thousand solutions, it is not because you put pressure on people, that they can think thousand times faster. The human brain does not increase his performances by 100%, when you are under pressure (to me, it is even worst to work under pressure if you are someone anxious).

To my opinion, to be productive in your daily work, you have to be in a feel-good environment, and you have to cut your private life from your personal life. The more you will be happy to go to work, the more you will be good at what you are doing.

Personally, I need pressure to do stuff (I’m a procrastinator). I will always wait until the deadline, wait until I have the exam in the morning to be productive and to work really. That is why I always study in the night, when I just have some hours before your exam or to achieve a project, I will be super concentrate and I will achieve everything faster. I am a counterexample on this chapter.


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