How to have an unhealthy workplace?

In the 16th chapter of the Deadline novel, the events get more complicated. The situation looks stressful for Mr. T. He is supposed to handle the fact that the managers sometimes can be really angry to their employees and the fact that specifications that they have for the projects are not precise at all.

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In this chapter, I learn many things that I have never thought about before reading this. First, as Mr T. wrote in his book:

“Anger and contempt in management are contagious. When upper management is abusive, lower management mimics the same behaviour”

I never really had a reflexion about this, but it is logical. You are putting the stress and the anger that people put on you on the others.

Then Mr. T understood that too:

“Ambiguity in a specification is a sign of unresolved conflict among the various system stakeholders.”

They have had a big debate about the specifications for the projects, and most of the time when the specifications are unclear it comes from above. For me, when the stakeholders cannot be agreeing on the important decision, they are not able to create an ambitious and productive work environment. However, it gives more freedom to the managers that are closer to the reality. To my opinion, it is not to bad, even better because they know better what the best for the company.

For me, this chapter is on the conflicts and what is create the unhealthy environment of work. I have always thought that your manager is responsible of the ambiance in the company, but it comes from above. The culture in a company depends from the head managers, they create the environment in the company. For me, working in a nice and healthy environment is the most important, I could not work in these kinds of environments, where your manager is super stressed because they put a lot of pressure on him.

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