What I learnt this semester

This semester, because of the coronavirus, we started the online clases. We had to get use to it. I learnt how to work from my house. I had to adapt myself to this type of environment and this new way of studying. At the beginning, it was difficult for me since I live with many roomies. It was harder to concentrate and it is still hard. Moreover, I really miss going to the TEC Campus. However, after some difficulties I have my habits now and I like having my online class, it helps me to concentrate on something else than just the quarantine.

Then, what I enjoyed the most during partial 2 was the many guest speakers that went to explain us to explain their background, their work. This semestre we had the chance to listen and to ask question to ex TEC students. We had at least 4 guest speakers. It was really nice to listen to people that are already done with their studies. We discovered many differents work environments. It helps me listen to people that already work because I still do not know what I exactly want to do with my life and they have really good advices (even if I am not interested in the same industry than them).

Also, we still had to read and comment the book the Deadline Novel. The project in the book is not going that well. The managers have to handle a lot of problems: dealing with a chief that is not connected to reality, managing conflicts, how to have a good productivity rate etc. As always, even if is a fiction, what we learn (at the same time that Mr. T) is very usefull in the Project Management class. Resolving conflict for example is something every manager should now and should be able to do to achieve a project. If you want to discover in detail what I exactly learn in this book, there is one article for each chapter that will go deeper in the learnings of the book.

What I want to improve for next partial, it is my participation in class, I know that I am discret and I do not ask a lot of questions to the guest speakers even if I really find them interesting. So, I need to work on that point.

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