Lahksa is back!

After ten months without any news Lahksa is back in the game. First, she has sent only a paper by fax. It was a message to warn about the arrival of a new consultant (looks to be famous writer). Mr. T was really happy to have some news from her. The consultant will help to resolve some problems in the company. He gaves some advices. Also, as every chapter, Webster learnt a lot with the new consultant. Learning 1: he needs to make meeting that are smaller since some team have some trouble to understand each other (because of their size). He does not need as many people in every meeting and to keep the meeting small, Mr. T needs to make it safe for unessential people to not come. For me, it is a way to create a positive work environment where everyone feels comfortable.

Learning 2: in his journal, Webster did a reminder about angry managers. He made the relationship between anger and fear. The managers who are abusive with their subordinates it is because of the fear. If everyone in a project will now that most of the time ANGER =FEAR, it would be a transparent signal and the anger person will not be able to show its anger because the subordinates will know that’s fear.

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Then Lahksa really came back to Morovia, her and Mr. T had many discussions together and they tried to fix many things and the big news is that Belok is gone, he has an infection and he will not be in Morovian for some times. After this good announcement (not the fact that Belo is sick but the fact that they will be in peace for the last part of the project), Webster changed the deadline even if he kept thinking to Belok deadline. We will see what will be the next moves since there are only some chapters left before the end of the book.

Finally, as Webster wrote “Miracles may happen (but don’t count on them)” and I am joining him on this point, you never know what will happen in life, you can have amazing surprises (and that’s makes life so magic). However, even if greats stuffs could happen, you do not have to wait for them, you have to work for what you want. You have to create the positive and share the positive. Also, if one day you have the impression there is no solution, that everything is negative (in your work or in your personal life), do not  forget that, as a French expression says “the wheel spins” (“La roue tourne toujours”) and it means that stuff will always move on and sometimes you just need to be patient.

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