Time to conclude

During this course I have learnt a lot all the semester. The first thing, and what I find the most important, it is that I have start to work for myself. I have learnt how to work for myself. Thanks to the way we had to give our task (the deadline was flexible), I was happier to do my work. I was written the blog articles when I wanted to and when I had inspiration. Normally, at university you are supposed to work for yourself already but most of the time I do not have the impression, I feel I give something to satisfy the teacher. I feel that the work I was giving to my teacher was more valuable and even more qualitative this way.

Then, I have learnt to create and feed my personal blog. I was not that excited at the beginning of the semester to write articles in a blog. However, as I said before, with that type of work, I have worked for myself all the semester, I created something valuable for me. After, 4 months of work on this blog, I think I will keep writing on this platform. I have always loved writing (I even have a Mexico Adventures journal for example) but it was always something personal and private and I find it nice finally to share some thought to others. As the first paragraph said, I think what I have learnt the most was to value my work, being proud of it and feel that I finally own my proper work.

Also, what I learned the whole semester was stuff about the project management. In the last part of the semester I kept learning new stuff in the book the Deadline Novel: about teamwork, productivity, positivity at work etc.

During this weird, covid19 period, I have learnt (as everyone) to deal with online class, to adapt myself to that kind of event. This period will change many things in the way we will work in the future. I think that home office will be democratize, in project management, the manager will have to find solution to handle the project. To verify the work, and people will have to work more and more together via online software. It is a period that leads to innovation, to the creation of new works methods that will prosper after the pandemic.

To conclude, after one semester of project management class, I have learnt many things (if you want to see the details, you should read my articles on my blog). What makes me proud it is that I have learnt stuff that will help me in my future professional life. I would like to say thank you again to my teacher Ken, for his positive way of teaching. He really put value in our works, and it was great to learn from his experiences. I love the alternatives teaching methods, but I have never tested any so I am glad I could have done it this semester. Thank you again!

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